Definition Biology

Biology is the science of living things and deals with general laws of life, specific characteristics of living things, their structure, organizing principles and development as well as its diverse structures and processes.



Nowadays there are mainly scientists working in the field of biology. What is really important and highly relevant for our global substatnital progress.

It`s really interesting that in the beginning biology wasn`t a topic just for scientists.
Earlier days agriculture provided the people practical knowledge about plants and animals.


Before the greek antiquity systematic long time studies about biology didn`t exist.

Design_philosophs_kleinComparative anatomy has been driven by the artists of the Renaissance, which examined themuscles, bones and internal organs of animals and humans.


Long story short, biology was a topic for everyone. And there are thousands of ways to explore that theme.


The approach of design is to work interdisciplinary. This purpose and the fact that Bio Design is an actual topic led me to my bachelor thesis.


Personal idea of Design

Design is the preparation of information through different media. It communicates content through its structure and visualisation. The usage of diverse artistic and technical methods ensure to transport the content in a comprehensible way. What makes Design unique is the possibility of building bridges and connections between different disciplines. That provides an added value to the content.


Biology as a source of inspiration

Different life forms with their shapes, structures, and processes serve as inspiration for a design project and can be expressed in a broad spectrum. It is not only about explaining processes or organizing principles, but rather to understand and also to transfer that kind of knowledge. During my project I will explore DNA from a design perspective. The working process is divided thereby  into three distinct phases.



DNA is the shortform of Desoxyribonucleic acid. A bio molecule which carries all our  genetic information. It occures in every living organism. Each cell contains chromosomes in it`s nucleus. A chromosome is a DNA chain formed in a double helix structure. The genetic information is called genome. It`s like a plan composed of four different components (bases).