Narrative & Signage

Luise, Sasha, Maria, Annalena

  • What do we want to communicate (Field trips, people we met, insights, questions, short projects, main project results, etc.)?
  • In what order do we want to communicate this?
  • What do we want visitors to understand?
  • What do we want visitors to ask?
  • How do make visitors curious?
  • What can we offer the visitors? Why should they come?
  • How do we show the differences and similarities of the students?
  • What is the title of the show?


Hannah, Simon, Elena, Alessa, Steffi

  • What should it feel like to enter the room?
  • If the exhibition was a play on a stage what would that stage look like?
  • Draw pictures which summarise the semester

Money & Organisation


Construction & Materials

Maria, Simon, Stefan, Manuel, Tom

  • What (living?)materials would be fitting?
  • What kind of construction would you like to use?
  • How does this relate the main metaphor of the show?


Regina, Julien

  • As soon as we have a topic and a title we might want to set up social media accounts.