Sperm Whale

by Simon Hanke

The sperm whale is the largest toothed mammal. With its average length of 16 meters (52ft), the sperm whale has inconceivable dimensions. According to this, I had to compare myself to this giant to get an idea of this enormous animal:


If they fill their oxygen stock for about ten minutes, they are able to dive up to two hours.


Sperm whales are animals with a weakness for social living. Groups comprise about fifteen to twenty animals, male and female, old and young. Interestingly, female and young whales stay in tropical and subtropical regions, while male whales can also be found in the Arctic Ocean.


The most impressive part of a sperm whale is its nose. It indeed is the biggest nose in animal kingdom. It makes about a third of the length and a quarter of the weight of a full-grown sperm whale.


But the nose of the sperm whale doesn’t primarily serve for breathing. It is communication system and navigation device in one.