by Maria Bermúdez Elsinger

The whole of last week moss came to my mind, maybe because of my walk trough the forest. So I chose to use it to try and visualize it for the first exercise.

As i picked some from the ground I asked myself how I as a human being realize this little plant as something that is alive. And my first answer that came to my mind was “the color green”. When I see something green automatically the methapor of live comes to my mind. Of course thats because I grew up with nature around me and learned that when a plant is dead and dry the color is mostly brown but no more green. Secondly I had to think about movement, change and reaction.


 1. Abstract way to show the moss being alive by concentrating on trying to visualize how I as a human being experience the plant with my senses:


First impressions:IMG_0002

Structure with color:


Structure without color:


Colors of the moss taken out and presented separately:


Structure abstract mixed with colors taken from a scan of the moss:



When I was home I remembered that we learned in school that something is alive in case these points are fulfilled:

  • Homeostasis (ability to organize itself in its environment)
  • Metabolism (transformation of energy)
  • Growth
  • Organization (being structurally composed of one or more cells)
  • Reproduction
  • Response to stimuli


2. Rational way of trying to show the living plant

Drawing to show a process of growing of the moss:IMG_0001


Real moss used to show the process of growing:



Reaction to wheather: