by Regina Schröter

Succulents are indoor plants with really juciy leaves. They can grow in difficult climatic and soil conditions. For me this plants are easy to take care of and since i got them they have grown rapidly. This is my favorite one, i keep her in a fish bowl.







As i looked closer when i was drawing my plant i recognized that it grows in a very special way. The new sprouts appear in the middle of the plant and as newer sprouts come they push the older ones towards the ground. The less the angle gets in which they reside in comparison to the soil, the greener they get until the light can’t reach them anymore and they start to rot. This lifecycle goes on over and over again.

Flip-book Animation


The growth of plants can’t be grasped by the human perception hence i speeded it up in a flipbook animation. The leaves are heavily abstracted to a circle and broken down to the essential development of the plant growing bigger and disappearing (rotting) in the end.

Revised Version

The abstraction of the infographic appealed to me the most, so i revised this representation. I wanted to go a step further and create a 3D kind of graphic, so i reflected the shape on the vertical axis into a half circle. Another half circle was sticked together with the first into a standing globe. Now you can turn around the shape and see 4 different infographics, each one depicting a certain abstracted process.


Graph2_web Graph3_web Graph4_web

As i learned in designing information graphics, you can always just show a particular aspect of a range of Information. This is also the case in anatomical drawings and biological schema. Therefor you have the chance to look at each graph seperatly.

I want to try to make this out of acrylic glas and maybe integrate the real plant in any kind of way.


To complete the time infographic i attatched a sticky note to one leave, so i can track how long it will take for it to reach the ground.