by Julien David Hoffmann

The caterpillar is a fascinating creature. It is the larva of butterflies and moths. To get to its adult form, the caterpillar is going through metamorphosis, becoming a pupa before attaining its final form.

Week 1


Caterpillars have a unique locomotion system, by moving their gut first, before the surrounding body-wall and legs, which gives them great flexibility and extraordinary freedom of movement. Their movement occurs in a sort of wave form, going from back to front. …more info here

Caterpillar Movement


Analyzing the eating habits of caterpillars gives us more insight about their size and constitution.

Caterpillar Nutrition


Many caterpillars are cryptically colored and resemble the plants on which they feed. That way, they can merge with their surroundings and become invisible to their foes or repell them.

Caterpillar Looks


Through the fascinating biological process of metamorphosis the caterpillar changes its form during its growth into a pupa and later to an adult butterfly or moth.

Caterpillar Metamorphosis


Week 2

Model 1

Model 1&2

Model 2

Model 2 bendingModel 2 bottom