Maria Bermudez Elsinger

Semester Topic : “Listening to my body”

I have only one body. He talks to me every day. My skin tells me stories, my stomach responds to the food I give to him. But I don’t know how to speak the language. Im not listening. So let me start to carefully write down what I can perceive.

Which medium/material am I interested in?

In general Im interested in all kind of materials depending wether they can carry the information i want to communicate.

Natural material: wood, plants, stone,…

Others: Wool, Plastic, Glue,…

What is my end product?

Im imagining an 3-Dimensional infographic which contains all the interesting data i got from watching myself for these few weeks. It should make fun to watch and also invite to touch different materials. I want to try to use material which communicates not only in a visual aspect but speaks also to other senses like touching, smelling, etc.

What is my process going to look like?

To get the data i want to work with I need to watch my eating habits, messurements of my body, mood etc. every day.

  • Food diary (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack in gram and calories)
  • Sleep (how much, did i dream?, was it deep, how did i feel when waking up)
  • Sports (yes/no, how intensive, how long)
  • Activity (sleepy/active)
  • Mood during the day ( stressed, relaxed, sad,…)
  • Appearance on body ( skin; messurement: waist, arm, tigh; weight)

Week 1:

My data

Different ways to visualize my sleep:





Finally I concentrate on mainly food. My next Step is to find different ways to visualize the data I got till now:

Ideas for installations/ info graphics:

Idea 1 

My first Idea contains the data weight and how many percent of carbs, proteins and fat I ate every 10th day. The red line on the wall shows the change of my weight every day. Every 10th day you can see a little white ball pinned on the wall on top of the red line. In opposite of this ball a bigger ball is hanging from the top in the same height. This big ball shows every tenth day and visualizes the food I ate on that day.


Idea 2

Additionally to idea 1 I was thinking to use another data -calories- to give the possibility to compare the food to the accompaying calories of the day, since the weight or amount can lead to wrong assumptions, that day might be “unhealthier” than another one with less food.


Ideas to design the ballsIdee-Kugel-1Kugel1


Till now I concentrated of how to give an image about the food I’m eating plus how my weight changes in combination with that. But what makes it actually interesting are not numbers i show but the real food I ate. Since I cant use the real food because of its habit of getting spoiled I need to find another way to show it.

How can I show the people actually best what food and how much i ate?


9th June 9th-June

10th June


11th June


12th June12th-June

13th June13th-June

My data:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-21 um 19.50.04

Plan for Room-Installation


Final Project

Listening to my Body

What language speaks my body? Thats the question I asked myself and decided to collect data for about 2 Months concerning my Body like food, dimensions or mood to get an Idea about how my Body works and to what he responds in what way.

Since a few years Im already trying to understand how my body works. I eat, I do sports, I feel good, I feel bad. But where are the connections? Am I happier when I eat more fruits or do I feel heavy when I don’t sleep enough?

With these questions I tried to find out more about myself and my body. From the 7th of May till the 30th of June 2016 I collected a free chosen number of data. These were: day, sleeping start, sleeping end, hours of sleep, mood, dream yes or no, weight, body dimensions (chest, upper waist, lower waist, hips, leg, arm), activity, sports and its duration, pictures of food I ate, calories, fat, carbs, proteins, food weight and additional a description how I felt during the day.

In my final concept I chose the data



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