Regina Schröter

  • What is your personal semester Topic?

I want to make something that looks really appealing and pretty. Throughout my studies i always focused more on the conception than on aesthetics. I might have lost the pleasure in working on stuff in order to make it look nice.

  • What media or materials are you interested in?

I would like to Experiment with lasercutting, such as acrylic glas and Wood. I want to stay analog and make a poster or a brochure maybe for documentation.

Apart from that i want to grow bacteria in petridishes, if that works out i will do a little documentation/ brochure about it.

  • What do you like about Design?

I like that i can research and gain knowledge about certain topics and make them accessible for an audience, raising awareness for certain issues.

  • What kind of result would you like to have at the end of this semester?

Two Semesters ago i did a short assignment on blood groups. Therefor i ordered At Home Blood Type Kits.

My main Focus will be redesigning this at-home-kit: Introduction, Packaging, etc.



Project Parts

  • Introduction
  • Packaging
  • Visualization of blood and Agglutination


Medical supplies Need to be packaged condensed and clearly arranged.
The needle is seperated from all other supplies, hence it is the most “exciting” one of the supplies. The size of the paper introduction is equivalent to the sealed ELDON Card.


What botheres me about the ELDON Test the most, is the hassle when you take all parts out. The packaging should instruct the user to take the pieces in order as they are needed to take the test.




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