Manuel & Stefan

The core of our semester project will be merit of products.
Because of our consumer society, most of the products we
use do not have a high merit for us. We criticise that and
are going to create merits, by focussing on the personality
and attitude of each and every person. We also want to
distance the results from immaculacy and appreciate the
Wabi Sabi movement.

Materials are not determined, but it’s going to be a three-
dimensional product. So we can imagine to work with
materials from photograms to oxidized copper.

After an long and intensive research, we figured out the
3 main triggers for gaining merits, which are emotion,
rareness and time.



To illustrate that, we started the ideation.



The first concept is to make a product, which is unfinished.
So someone will buy it and gain the merit by finishing it.

The second concept is to make a product, that will make
you remember something. It will aim to activate your emotion.
So it could be a product, which captures a special situation,
like a three-dimensional photograph.

The third concept is to make a product, which forces you to
make a sacrifice for it. So you have to sacrifice one of your
objects, which you wouldn’t throwaway, to use it for the new


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