Tom Semmelroth

Recently I developed an interest in molecular biology. Where does life come from, where does it start? How can I imagine these processes that happen on a microscopical scale, far from our natural perception, that define and enable the existence of living organisms?

How can I make knowledge, gathered from a linear medium as a book, able to be integrally experienced.

The medium I want to use for my semester project should be something you can hold in your hands. Not for a purely haptic purpose, rather to have a physical object in your hands that acts as a map, of a cercain scale. Or works as a compass for orientation.

What I mean by that, is when you read a text about a complex scientific topic, with a lot of details being described, you often loose touch to the bigger picture. A written text is very structured and serves you information in an easy to grasp manner. But it becomes difficult when the field of information is a very complex one. I think a physical objet might help to you keep touch. To understand detailed informations better by constantly showing you the general context.

As an outcome I want to create an information object. Maybe in form of a game or play that transports some informations. At the moment I imagine something that describes basic cell activities like protein synthesis or DNA description. It should be fun but, also informative.

->Stuffed Virus

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