Maria Elsinger

Listening to my Body

What language speaks my body? Thats the question I asked myself and decided to collect data for about 2 Months concerning my Body like food, dimensions or mood to get an Idea about how my Body works and to what he responds in what way.

Since a few years Im already trying to understand how my body works. I eat, I do sports, I feel good, I feel bad. But where are the connections? Am I happier when I eat more fruits or do I feel heavy when I don’t sleep enough?

With these questions I tried to find out more about myself and my body. From the 7th of May till the 30th of June 2016 I collected a free chosen number of data. These were: day, sleeping start, sleeping end, hours of sleep, mood, dream yes or no, weight, body dimensions (chest, upper waist, lower waist, hips, leg, arm), activity, sports and its duration, pictures of food I ate, calories, fat, carbs, proteins, food weight and additional a description how I felt during the day.

In my final concept I chose to visualize the data Sleep, Weight, Sports, Food, Calories, Carbs, Protein and Fat depending on time. The data will be visualized as an installation in the room. Each unit will hang from the ceiling till the ground. All together I visualize 30 days.