Simon Hanke

Where is your mind?

“Your head’ll collapse/And there’s nothing in it” – The Pixies

The Pixies already knew it before. In modern life the actual position of the own mind isn’t always easy to locate. We are anywhere and nowhere at the same time. Our physical body is in London, while our thoughts are captivated by the enormous news on Facebook or by the magnificent story of Fast and Furious Part 99.

Modal Logic

It seems that there are different possible worlds for our brains. In modal logic these worlds are either possible or impossible. In the second step they are necessary or not necessary. In a third decision of true or false, they are either connected to our actual world or they aren’t.


Four possible worlds right next to us

The three questions mentioned above make it possible to differentiate between four possible worlds in our everyday life: physical reality, virtual reality, fictional reality and unthinkable (impossible) reality.

In this project I’ll try to point out the differences between these realities and how we encounter them every day.